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Captain Marvel fandom as a whole!

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #11

Christmas comes to the Carol Corps! You could even say this will be a Christmas Carol. That's a hint, guys.

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #10

Carol's 100th solo issue Anniversary Special! We're celebrating 100 issues of Carol Danvers' high-flying, smack-talking, and butt-kicking adventures, ...[Read More]

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #9

Face front, Carol Corps after the adventures with the Flerkin, Carol's got her hands full again - this time with a special guest star from the X-Unive...[Read More]

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #8

Carol's bombastic adventure through space with her pet, Chewie, continues! Rocket was right, though, Carol Corps! There's more to Chewie than meets th...[Read More]

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #7

What happens when Captain Marvel and her cat, Chewie, have an unexpected alien visitor? In space, no one can hear you meow!

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #6

Captain Marvel has been caught in the middle of an interplanetary turf war for weeks. Now, it's time for Earth's Mightiest Hero to get her hands dirty...[Read More]

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #5

Ever since she set off on her latest "adventure," Carol Danvers has had her butt handed to her at every turn. She's done with that nonsense. Let's sta...[Read More]

Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #4

Captain Marvel has a hunch about the REAL reason behind the forced resettlement of Rocket Girl's people. What time is it? When the bad guy tries to bl...[Read More]


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Captain Marvel (2014-2015) #3

Captain Marvel & The Guardians of the Galaxy! Carol takes her mysterious alien passenger home... and lands in the middle of an uprising against th...[Read More]

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